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My Friend Pedro 1.12 free mod apk (Unlocked Full)

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  • Updated
  • Version 1.12
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer DevolverDigital
  • Genre Action
  • Google Play
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If there was a ranking for the games with the most daring and crazy ideas but turned out to be dramatic every second, I would have to put My Friend Pedro MOD APK at the top.

Introduce about My Friend Pedro

This banana is Ripe for Revenge. Are you?


It’s not like what you see

This game will give you a rather odd impression. The game introduction both mentions kidnapping and “banana”. The visuals are a bit weird with the main character looking more like an alien than a human character. And you might think this is a funny game? But not. Although the images look a bit crazy, My Friend Pedro is a real action game from the publisher DevolverDigital. It is also combined with a platform that is both classic and interesting.

The first thing that makes you gasp is the extremely happy experience with the main character’s jumps and swings. There is a bit of slow-motion why flying but still rhythmic lol.

There is no background at all

Our protagonist is not a banana, nor is it a real person. It has a hooded outfit in black and gray tones. You don’t even have a name. But no problem because the important task of this guy is not to dress up, but to fight to the last breath.

You will get the instructions of a banana (oh yeah) named Pedro. It will lead and take you through this whole adventure. This banana says a lot and always appears in front of your eyes like a guiding star. After giving you a few lines of message, or a few quests, or a warning, it will disappear, leaving you with a pile of tasks.

There are many scenarios where people tell each other about the story behind the banana and the main character. But for me, there is no need to think about it too deeply or deepen the connection and enmity between the factions. This game is basically for going to kill the enemy. Just know our only task now is to find and destroy the enemy gangs. That’s all. Just play and enjoy the great feeling with the dramatic flying and shooting scenes here.

Shining gameplay

There is no detailed character appearance, no deep plot, no 3D graphics full of effects. So, what makes My Friend Pedro special so that it is downloaded and played over and over again by millions of people?

The answer is the gameplay. And there is only one word to describe the gameplay of My Friend Pedro, “weird”. It is weird, from the design to the progression of the game.

First, My Friend Pedro combines a platform adventure with a puzzle genre and shooting genre with Focus – Slow Motion and Auto-aim features. Focus is to allow time to slow down to adjust the accuracy of shooting. And Auto-Aim is when shooting an object able to bounce back the bullets, the bullets will automatically bounce back and run to the nearest target to execute the enemy. It is worth mentioning that when upgraded enough, the bullets bounce back not only one but will be scattered everywhere, helping you to eradicate a series of evil people.

Honestly, before I played My Friend Pedro, I never thought there would be a game so weird in such a smooth way. Usually, when a game holds too many things, it will all be diluted. But My Friend Pedro is not. On the contrary, those main genres are constantly complementing each other, making the game never stop and making the curiosity of the player increase a lot.

To know why I said the gameplay was weird, try to imagine the following scene. The main character kicked a pan high, raised his gun, and fired one shot at the pan so that the bullets bounced back and flew all over the enemy. Then, as fast as lightning, he kicked the wall to reverse upside down to destroy the enemy behind. While flying, he took advantage of Slow Motion to kill all the enemies slurping in the nearby ledges. Till the end, the body fragments of a series of enemies scattered all over the place. Everything happened in the blink of an eye. And all at once, from fire to light, gunfire, and blood took turns performing on the screen.

In short, if you are used to controlling the main character’s unique features, it is normal to have dozens of new combos. And the possibility of victory is great.

But fighting is not all

As I mentioned above, My Friend Pedro also has the puzzle genre. Interspersed with highly combative levels, there will be some scenes where you are forced to find your way and find the enemy out through quick puzzles. Racing against time is an important requirement otherwise you will lose the combo and may replay from the beginning of the level. Scores are summed up after each level. The higher the number of combos used to kill the enemy, the higher the score.

Oh, forgot to mention, you can also admire the super-high-speed shooting racing scenes like shooting on the train or shooting when falling from above. They are often seen in boss battles.

MOD APK version of My Friend Pedro

MOD feature

Unlocked Full Version

Download My Friend Pedro MOD APK for Android

Many brothers often say Matrix + John Wick + Deadpool = My friend Pedro. Well, this game is a combination of freedom, generosity, half-open-half-close levels. You are free to play and explore from skill to creativity. Just try to kill as many enemies as possible. What are you waiting for without playing a game with so many cool things like this?

They kidnapped his wife and kids and left him for dead. But it’s going to take more than that to split this banana’s family. Help your friend Pedro serve some ice cold revenge, with a sprinkle of bullets on top!

My Friend Pedro is back in a brand new mobile adventure of blood, bullets and bananas! Flip and fire your way through 37 action packed levels on foot, on a motorcycle and even on a skateboard. Plan your high caliber choreography for the best scores and, if your skin is tough enough, test your skills in Blood Rush mode.

This banana is Ripe for Revenge. Are you?

Thanks for your valuable feedback! This update is ad supported and allows players to play the whole game for free and restart from checkpoints. Premium Unlock is still available for an ad free experience and additional Blood Rush game mode. Have fun and please leave us a review!
Unlocked Full Version
My Friend Pedro Ripe For Reve.png
Download  My Friend Pedro 1.12 free mod apk (Unlocked Full) 

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